What’s your new normal?

Many of our clients are asking this question…
and the reality is it is an ever changing
situation, just like the COVID-19 situation has
been. Each organisation is different and their
staff have varying capabilities of working from
home and/or concerns about returning to
work. As CIA Designs are immersed in the
evolution of workplaces across the globe we
are constantly reading and absorbing all the
new material. Therefore we can assist
companies in introducing immediate
return-to-work COVID-safe measures and
considering longer-term strategies and
planning principles to to ensure they are
COVID-secure in the short-term and pandemic
ready in the long-term

Our “Analyse, Stragegise & Test” approach incorporates
COVID-SAFE assessments & workplace solutions.

Covid-19 Considerations

Maintaining social distances of 1.5m

between staff when seated for longer than 2 hours (general work areas)

Continuous cleaning of workplaces

and high-touch point zones. Around the clock cleaning staff, ensuring surfaces such as kitchen surfaces, lift buttons and door handles are continuously cleaned

Allowing staff to be more flexible

in their work practices. This may mean staff work from home 2-3 days a week and share the 1 workpoint with another worker who works from home 1-2 days a
week – this will need careful consideration of
belongings – personal keyboards and mouses/lockers

Introducing phone /video conferencing booths

to facilitate better communication with mobile workers

Upgrade lights

Where possible upgrade lights to be auto-sensors

1.5 metres apart

Ensure all workstations are 1.5 metres apart in all directions

Shorter meetings

to ensure we don’t stay in the same room in groups for longer than necessary