Clients first

CIA Designs multi-disciplinary and award-winning team of Interior Architects have a combined experience of over 50 years in the areas of Commercial, Workplace & Education Interiors. We further offer our clients our Pre-Design & Needs Analysis services to Strategically plan their future needs.

Collaboration with
CIA designs

Many Commercial Interior Design Firms promote and
design collaborative environments yet don’t collaborate
with their clients when designing their spaces! At CIA
Designs we encourage our clients to be involved in the
process and become part of the team. We value our clients
contributions and believe their ideas add a richness to the
eventual outcome.

We of course don’t force the involvement, however if you
have something to add and would like to contribute you
can be assured we will listen!

Why choose us?

  • We Involve Our Clients In The Design Process
    (And Value Their Input)
  • We Respect Your Budget And Know How To Design To It!
  • We Focus As Much On Getting The Brief Right As On
    Design – Without A Concise Brief You Cannot Achieve A
    Great Design Solution

At CIA Designs our message is clear. We know it’s about you and
your organisation… not about us. That is why our motto is Clients
First. We strive to create a space which not only aligns with your
expectations, but goes beyond what you had dreamed was even
possible. After 17 years of working in design firms, both locally
and globally, our CEO and founder thought it was time to start a
company that brings the focus back to the clients. Our approach
is one that welcomes client involvement in the design process,
making the journey just as enjoyable as the outcome. We have
also been certified to produce documentation for construction
by the Victorian Building Commission. This registration is
necessary in Victoria to achieve a building permit for works
to commercial building interiors.

Sketching at CIA Design
Organic client engagement

CIA Designs is unique in our approach to space planning. The treasured art of sketching by hand is still a core skill utilised in the planning of spaces and evolution of Design at CIA Designs. The skill of sketching enables our designers to work through spatial solutions, on the spot with our clients and gives them a sense of involvement in the design process. This quick communication skill equals a quicker design process both internally and externally. Instead of discussing a solution, going back to a computer and re-working the design in CAD (computer aided design) the design can evolve and be resolved organically on the spot. This means a quicker turn-around time and less revisions with a lesser chance of miscommunication as it happens, right then and there! Our CEO has over 16 years of experience in hand sketching and our many and varied clients find this adds to our higher level of client engagement and design resolution at CIA Designs.

“Your (needs analysis) process works really, really well.
Particularly the collaboration. Having you being able to
visit properties with us and doing the test-fits up front
was hugely beneficial. That level of collaboration all the
way through made a big difference. It was really helpful
in our decision making all the way through.”