Retail Zoo

Project Type:

New Workplace


Level 8, 2107‐2125 Dandenong Road, Clayton VIC 3168



Fun, bright & bold are just a few words to describe the style and energy of the team at Retail Zoo that we were looking to translate into their new workplace. Being creatives themselves and involved in the roll-out of spaces for retail stores like Boost Juice and Bettys Burgers as retail environments, they are exciting to the eyes and mind to invigorate visitors. As such the staff at retail zoo wanted their work environment to reflect this same excitement and invigorating. The resulting spaces are an eclectic mix of colours, textures and patterns that surprise you at every turn. The eyes flit around the spaces as they catch glimpses of the energetic spaces throughout.

As you arrive at the space there is no mistaking the eclectic vibe, as you are greeted by a full-size flamingo and jungle mega graphics. The neon sign is suggestive of a retail environment, reflective of their core offerings as energetic retail brand ambassadors.
From a spatial arrangement perspective, the idea was to seamlessly link the arrival zone to the boardroom then further traverse, with ease, into the visitor product taste-testing zone. This effortless link ensures they can easily transition from a more formal meeting environment to a more relaxed café style/taste-testing experience. The blurring of the lines makes for ease of engagement and interaction with clients and visitors as their needs and style of interaction evolves.

The visitor spaces further seamlessly transition into the staff breakout and café meaning both spaces can expand into one another, and interactions can occur between both zones. The staff café needed to encourage staff to have a break, let loose and relax. To achieve this the space has multi-functions from a more traditional staff breakout area to a dedicated coffee space. This further expands to a full-size ping-pong table and even a golf putting green. Beyond these zones are some more relaxed lounge areas that have access to some great natural light to re-invigorate the soul. Tucked away in a corner is a staff meeting zone with fosters unintended and incidental collaboration which may arise form a casual chat over lunch or a coffee.

Within the traditional workspace, the staff areas are casually arranged into team groupings. These groups are supported by incidental collaboration spaces of varying heights/ types and themes. The mega graphics throughout keep the staff alert and in a sense of excitement and inspiration. The collaboration zones provide varied environments to allow staff to either collaborate standing, sitting, or lounging depending on the mood or type of collaboration.
The space is one which perfectly reflects the Retail Zoo offering and experience the offer working on such collaborative projects and experiences. The staff feel equally invigorated and relaxed with spaces that support both modes.