NextED Adelaide

Project Type:

New Campus





The new campus of NextED in Adelaide is our latest collaboration with the organisation in the expansion and transformation of the leading private tertiary organisation across Australia.

The NextED Adelaide campus has been widely embraced by students, staff and the wider South Australian Government in its support of future health care professionals across the state.

In relation to a student arrival experience, CIA Designs yet again used their spatial connectivity and planning skills to entice potential students and show them what studying and socialising at the campus might actually be like. We intentionally visually linked the reception with the student breakout that further hugs the internal lightwell. This strategic placement not only means the reception and inner arrival space can benefit from natural light, but also gives new students and potential students a direct link into the social aspects of the campus. These spaces are often as important as the learning spaces in a successful learning journey.
To further accentuate the link and draw visitors into the space, the open ceiling, lighting and floor finishes all connect making the transition seamless and invigorating students.

NextED prides itself on providing training facilities which give students real, hands-on experience without the need to leave the campus As such, their campus includes a purpose built aged care lab that exactly replicates a real-life environment all the way down to the light switches. The focus on healthcare education meant that the design had to feel fresh, natural and vibrant. We encompassed this feel by using integrated greenery, natural light in all areas possible and a crisp colour palette.
To link the NextED brand and vibe across all locations in Australia, the breakout features a similar styled graphic splashback that has local attractions vibrantly included. This makes the campus appear familiar yet gives it a local flavour. Students can be inspired by such design elements allowing them to excel in their studies in the all-important healthcare services.

Our challenge was to create a unique campus design that emulates the NextED brand and feel, without simply copying and pasting previous elements or selections. To overcome this barrier, we decided to use similar specifications but focus on the location and study options of this campus to decipher it as distinctive yet obviously NextED. The main element that was determined to adhere to this concept was the breakout graphic splashback. The graphic features an Adelaide map and photography, which can be used as a benchmark for further campuses in which city-specific graphics can be implemented.