Designer Bathware Showroom

Project Type:

Showroom Refurbishment


Corner Keilor Park Drive & Thomsons Road, Keilor Park Victoria 3042



Designer Bathware’s sleek showroom upgrade focuses on a rustic & neutral base palette that accentuates the stylish and multi-faceted products and services they offer. The arrangement of the space ensures products are showcased to their full effect yet do not overwhelm one another.

From the outset, we knew our client was keen to move away from a traditional showroom experience and towards a more inviting and engaging, relaxed customer journey. To achieve this we did away with their traditional reception counter and replaced it with a statement wall which grabs your attention upon entry. Beyond this, a visitor is effortlessly drawn to the central round collaboration space where clients and the showroom staff could casually discuss projects in an open & collaborative manner. Having this space means clients can lay out their plans and ideas centrally and refer to these whilst gazing around the space at the varied solutions to their brief. The base palette of the space needed to be neutral to ensure it enhanced the products on offer. The base palette also needed to feel down-to earth to match Designer Bathware’s client ethos. Succinct space planning was also key in ensuring the spaces were easy to navigate yet gave the element of surprise as you experience the different themed pods that traverse the back wall. The outcome is one which is easy to navigate & provides a welcoming and engaging experience for Designer Bathware’s clientele to work through their project solutions. Breaking down the barriers between staff and visitors also means strong client relationships can be fostered easily and effortlessly

The biggest novel element of the space is that it completely flips the customer experience from being sales and transaction based to an engaging and fluid space creation experience. The experience is so relaxed and fluid that the sales process feels like an integral part of the client designing their own space, in a space that gives them inspiration to do so. The element of surprise created by the themed pods to the back wall, further enhance the inspirational experience of the space.

The greatest design challenge was displaying such a large variety of product in a manner that was not overwhelming to the client. To achieve this we created themed pods around the perimeter that distinctly referenced different design styles (Classic, Architectural, Natural & Bright). These were all anchored by the central collaboration space plus product ranges centrally. Arranging the space in this client centric manner meant that the client could be instantaneously drawn to the theme that captured their aesthetic. They could then refer to the different product ranges which would fit within this aesthetic and do so at the central collaboration space. The outcome is one which makes the decision making process much less overwhelming for the client and allows the client to inform the direction then be guided by their consultant