Cor Cordis New Workplace

Project Type:

Office Refurbishment


Level 29, 360 Collins Street Melbourne VIC 3000



Cor Cordis are know for being an innovator in their field, as such, the driver for this project was to create an space which went against a traditional reception space and blurred the lines between staff, visitors, waiting, meeting and collaborating. The seamless arrive/wait & meeting space ensure a relaxed experience.

When exploring the future design direction for Cor Cordis, the decision was made to flip the existing space completely. Doing away with the existing clinical, traditional reception & boardroom spaces, which blocked the amazing views, we relocated the boardrooms to the end at a 90-degree angle and further opened up the arrival experience, to include a breakout & informal meeting space. The flow through from the greeting space, visitors’ zone & cafe space were designed to reflect Melbourne CBD’s coffee culture and ensure visitors felt at ease, as though they had entered a cosy Melbourne cafe. Curves in the bulkheads weave the visitor through the space as the main multi-function counter transforms from a reception counter into a full barista space, seamlessly. The breakout/visitor cafe links further to the boardroom spaces making one large entertainment space. flexibility is easy in these zones with thoughtful touches such as height adjustable breakout tables. These can be switched from either a seated height to a bar height to suit either casual lunch or a corporate event. Previously they offices blocked all natural light into the work areas. In the new space the work areas all have access to natural light, now being along the perimeter.

Through our early involvement with Cor Cordis & their leadership team, we worked hand in-hand to firstly understand their business strategy & develop a tight return brief to inform their future workplace size and cultural aesthetic. Armed with this our client and their tenant representative were set with a clear space size and direction to inform their search. After assisting in securing a space we set about creating a solution which did away with their existing cold & clinical visitor experience. Cor Cordis were trusting and forward thinking enough to see the potential of a multi-function zone which transformed and evolved into different functions as you moved through it. Client involvement was embraced during the entire strategy & design process to ensure we all aligned in our vision. The design outcome is one which reflects the company’s aim to allow for visitors & staff to feel welcomed and comfortable while also providing multiple & varied spatial experiences. Staff and visitors can meet, eat, greet, collaborate and have a break all in the one space. The combination of these spaces also allows for greater spatial efficiency through multi-purpose & transformational zones.

Cordis’s image and space. The new space is a complete contrast to the old space and is one which aims to make clients and staff feel as though they are relaxed. The space also needed to be spatially efficient yet open and inviting. This was achieved through challenging everyday workspace conventions and combining the reception with a café & also the staff kitchen which was previously hidden down the other end of the workspace. This then seamlessly connects to the 2 boardrooms which all open up to create a function space. The outcome is one which feels open and inviting and challenges the previous belief that staff breakout spaces need to be hidden away somewhere. Through bringing this to the front Cor Cordis are showing their clients that they, as an organisation are open and transparent. This is particularly important for an organisation such as Cor Cordis.

At CIA Designs, sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds. Our preferred suppliers of fabrics, paints & flooring must all have a sustainable methodology or we will not specify them. This ensure all of our projects have a sustainable outcome.