Fees and similar project experience

Fee for service

CIA Designs generates fees on a per square metre rate. Our fees are not relative to the project spend.

This therefore means design integrity and meeting your budget stays as our ultimate priority.

Sqm rate for cor cordis = $45/m2
cor cordis new workplace size = 715m2
fee = $32, 175 + gst

Discount due to existing relationship & works completed to-date = 10% = $3217.50 final fee = $28,957.50 + gst

Schedule Of Paymets
  • Appointment10% of fee
  • Concept planning20% of fee
  • Design completion20% of fee
  • Tender (documentation)25% of fee
  • Construction (documentation)25% of fee

Similar project experience

  • HUNT & HUNT Refurbishment, 1200m2
  • OBST LEGAL Refurbishment, 900m2
  • 2XU Workplace/Sub-let, Melbourne, 1500m2]
  • MOVEMBER Workplace, Melbourne 1500m2
  • JIRSCH SUTHERLAND Office, Sydney, 850m2
  • PRESTIGE IN-HOME CARE, Melbourne, 900m2
  • MIELE Workplace, Victoria, 5000m2
  • STELLAR Head Office, Melbourne, 1000m2
  • SPIRIT Workplace, Melbourne, 1000m2
  • WHITBREAD Office, Melbourne, 1500m2
  • WHITBREAD Office, Sydney, 350m2
  • WHITBREAD Office, Brisbane, 250 m2
  • ZIMMER BIOMET, Melbourne, 1500m2
  • ZIMMER BIOMET, Adelaide, 1500m2
  • HUNT & HUNT Refurbishment, 700m2m2

Just a few of the clients we work with

In Our 7 Years Of Operation We Have Completed Over 150 Successful Workplace Projects

“The CIA Designs needs analysis process brought
together key areas of our business, enabling us to
work through our complex needs to produce a
concept which exactly reflects our specific
cultural & physical future needs ”
(Hamish McMicking, Procurement Manager,Chobani)