Stellar Head Office

Project Type:

Commercial Office Space





From the outset for the new offices of Stellar head quarters in Melbourne the challenge was providing a sophisticated and polished space which also represented the core, down-to-earth nature of their “no-frills” organisation. Whilst being a well-known/up-beat call centre operation, this was to become their new corporate headquarters which required a certain quality and next level of finish. The finishes used throughout the space whilst being quality, achieved the look of sophistication yet still retained the relaxed and casual feel of the space. This greatly impacted on the outcome being one which visitors and users feel both respected and positively relaxed whilst using the space today and into the future.

The challenge for many organisations today is to give their staff a combined sense of belonging to an organisation yet also freedom of movement and working styles within the organisation. To achieve this, as designers we provided a combined approach of providing staff who like a sense of ownership with their own dedicated desk space. For those more mobile the space provided flexible hot-desking environments. In addition, throughout the space are un-allocated booths and height adjustable workspaces which provide a variety of working styles and movements throughout the entire workplace. Staff are encouraged to vary their days and their locations through these spaces to give them a variety of styles and movements.