Prestige Inhome Care

Project Type:

Commercial Office Space


Moorabbin, Victoria



Fun, funky, quirky yet calm, homely and welcoming were the first few design elements that CIA Designs worked towards achieving as a suitable working environment for Prestige Inhome Care. Registered Nurses and Personal Care Attendants jobs can often be tiring and emotionally draining while dealing with the elderly and/or when providing personal care to patients with a disability. We wanted to break the conventional typical office setting and replace it with a more pro-active, sporty and fun environment for the Prestige staff. CIA Designs have created sections of sporty games readily available for staff to unwind. Tucked in a corner is the basketball hoop for those interested in shooting some balls, a ping pong table located at the end of the staff desks can also function as a casual meeting table if required, we added a ‘solve the puzzle’ table whereby staff can pull up a stool and work on a jigsaw puzzle whenever they need a break. There is also a games table within the Staff Breakout & games console within the Wellness Room.

​The Reception & Waiting Area were designed with loose cushions & feature plant walls providing clients & staff a strong sense of comfort and welcoming upon entry. The Meeting Rooms were purposely furnished to create a spacious residential feel where lounge and coffee table style furniture & homely light fittings were carefully selected.

The building inherited unique angled column structures randomly located within the interior and instead of hiding them, we used them to our advantage by exposing and highlighting the metal structures with LED light strips. This accentuates the structures and they are now design features within the Staff Breakout. These metal structures and skylights made the point of difference in providing lots of natural light for staff to mingle, have a good coffee from the espresso machine and most importantly to support a beautiful solid redwood table centred within the space. This masterpiece of a table was carefully brought in from their previous office, restored and cut down to suit the space. What a great way to start a conversation with clients when they gather around this table, a bit of history from the past!

Full height wall graphic imagery, large black writable walls and cute hexagonal echo panels with metal wired wall planters have made the space fun, inspirational & quirky. The Staff Breakout was also designed to accommodate all staff at one time for company functions and weekly staff briefings. Hence, different styles of seating options were designed to provide flexibility and room to move around such as step-up-bench style seating, low height cushioned banquette seating, perimeter raised tables and easily movable loose furniture.

Other spaces integrated are Meeting Booths, Quiet Rooms, Focus Pods, Hotdesks, Standing Height Casual Meeting and a Large Training Room which act as private/semi-private areas catering for multipurpose use i.e. alternative staff workpoints, small to large group meetings or casual chill-out zones. The Wellness Room is a place for staff to unwind, relax and is well suited for breastfeeding mums with young children. The room is fully equipped with a games console with LCD screen, treadmill, comfortable lounge style seating, a rocking chair, beanbags and a baby change table.

To top it off, the open plan work area is spacious with generous sized workstations, storage units along the corridor with plants above providing a natural and beautiful addition to the interior while benefiting the overall well-being of employees. The workstations are located close to the perimeter windows for the benefit of natural light providing employees with a calm, welcoming environment that will encourage a healthier and more productive work environment.