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Level 4, 21-31 Goodwood Street, Richmond


1500 m2

We began the process of designing a culturally and respectfully expressive space for our client around 18 months ago. Through involvement of the client early in the process, a strong bond was formed meaning they too became part of the evolutionary design process. Being a not-for-profit organisation meant the designers had to be savvy in the ways in which they expressed the rich culture of the organisation. As our client has pointed out, the design success of the space from a cultural perspective has forged bonds across the organisation which never existed before. This was made possible through clever design planning and a variety of workplace solutions which are effortless to transition across.

​The variety and ease of flow through of the various work environments coupled with a flexible working approach make it extremely easy for those in the space to find an area which will suit their needs. In any one day any one can move from a quiet/individual space onto a standing flexible working zone then further into an ad-hoc group collaboration (planned or un-planned). If they so choose to they can step into a quiet (standing or seated) meeting environment or make a private phone call in any one of the hidden nooks. Visitors are invited into these zones and made to feel as though they too are part of the magic of this organisation. The space inter-connects seamlessly from the more formal meeting environments through to a multi-functional kitchen/breakout/presentation/outdoor space.

​Throughout the space are hidden pockets of escape from the buzz of the main work areas. The staff feel relaxed and as though they are never searching for the right space as they are so easy to flow into.

The strong focus on re-use has resulted in much of the furniture being re-purposed into new areas and thus giving them a new lease on life. The old boardroom table is now in the breakout and has adapted well to its new home!

From the outset we focused on forging a strong bond and involvement with the client in the process from concept to completion. The involvement of the client at every step has resulted in a richer and greatly embraced outcome that the client is not only happy with but that they feel they have played a part in the realisation of.