Jirsch Sutherland Office

Project Type:

New Workplace


Level 27, 259 George Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000



Located on level 27 at the Sydney skyscraper Suncorp Place, the project was completed in 16 weeks from the design phase right through to practical completion. Due to a lease expiry and the demolition of 55 Hunter, Jirsch Sutherland were looking for an office space of similar size yet also incorporating the increased growth requirements not currently catered for in their existing space. The solution needed to be a modest and professional design in order to align with their brand image. Due to the nature of their business the arrival and customer experience needed to give a feeling of calamity making visitors feel at ease. A key element which helps to create this feeling of peace on arrival is the feature Fish Tank in the entry. The fish tank was skilfully integrated into the joinery of the reception area, creating a relaxing and welcoming environment. The smart and professional outcome, was achieved both on time and within the respected budgetary constraints.

The 270 degree rotation office provides exceptional views of the Sydney Harbour and CBD surrounds. As requested, the new office design placed emphasis on increased team collaboration with 24 open plan workstations and 18 offices, of which 3 are for partners. A key design decision from the outset was to

give the best access to natural daylight and views to a majority of the staff and not just those of seniority. This has proven to be a great move, giving all staff a sense of connection and collaboration not previously felt in their office environment. The new solution also incorporates cleverly connected meeting rooms and boardrooms and a large central breakout area for all employees to enjoy and utilise. Effective use of space was an issue in the previous office. As such, the new office was designed with ample storage capabilities to reduce clutter and strategically positioned compilation areas which assist the staff in working through the large files received by their clients.

The overall look and feel of the office is fresh, professional and welcoming. Jirsch Sutherland were thrilled with their new high-end finish office space with overall employee morale boosted as a result.