2XU New Office

Project Type:

Commercial Office Space


Cremorne, Victoria



2XU engaged CIA Designs early in the piece to assist in finding a new home for their ever expanding operations. Through this early engagement we were available to assist and test the options for their new global headqarters. With a diverse mix of needs and functions within the organisation, the space needed to accommodate this diversity whilst still creating a sense of togetherness. Through careful consideration of their specifc needs combined with spaces that provide privacy yet seamlessly link to one another, the result is a space that one moves through effortlessly. Whilst largely an open plan environment, the integration of open collaboration and meeting zones means spontaneous creative catchups are easy and effortless. This ease ensures the flow of creativity is no broken in moving from one space to another.

As a well known innovator, the decision was made to make the entrance not your standard greeting space. Instead, it is a product space that visitors can gain exposure to the latest and greatest innovations of 2XU.

This space further seamlessly flowns into the open games & creative zone meaning a look into the workspace is enabled and a sense of the active, high energy nature of 2XU is visible.

The kitchen and communal cafe space, whilst tucked away is also seamlessly connnected to the staff areas through the use of the open ended booths. Being open ended they therefore form a dual purpose of servicing the breakout space whilst also servicing the workspace for engaging, open meetings.

The fast paced, innovative nature of the 2XU product greatly influenced the overlay of design and detailing throughout. Accentuating the black on white contrast of the 2XU brand we contrasted the bones of the saw tooth roof with the surrounding walls. As an added design element the cafe was given an italian style touch with the terrazzo splashback and red feature pieces. Greenery throughout then adds a natural introduction of colour, especially with the inclusion of Signature Floor’s textured green shift carpet tiles.

The overall outcome is one which supports their diverse operational needs whilst retaining a sense of one-ness across the organisation.